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SSL (EV) Certificate Opinion Letter by CHATSWORTH CPA Only $49 Do you need an SSL Certificate Opinion? Did you find [...]

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Life Insurance Premiums on Employees ARE DEDUCTIBLE!

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Life Insurance for Business Owners-What Is and What Is Not Deductible These days, there are so many companies incorrectly deducting [...]

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Business Tax Return Extension Due Dates

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Business Tax Return Extension Due Dates If I file an application for an extension on my business taxes, how long [...]

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Avoid Penalties & Interest

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Requesting & Filing for IRS Penalty Abatement There are three different ways to request for an abatement with the IRS. [...]

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Penalties Can Be Forgiven

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IRS logo CPA Firm LA Penalty Relief The IRS offers Offers and Compromise and you qualify for relief from [...]

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Medicare/Medi-Cal Cost Reports

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Medicare Medi-cal Cost Reports[/caption]If you were to remodel your house tomorrow, would you hire the plumber to do the electric [...]

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Donald Trump Tax Plans?

By | December 16th, 2016|Uncategorized| Donald Trump has proposed a very detailed tax plan — but his statements on the campaign trail don't always [...]

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Determination & Drive Paid Off for This CPA on the Move Sometimes you fail. Sometimes you fail more than once. [...]


Business Plan Format in Downloadable Word Format

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GET FREE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE IN WORD FORMAT HERE: BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE Business plans are documents used for planning out specific [...]

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Downloadable Timesheet For Employees in MS WORD. IMPORTANT!

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Click this link for a Employee Timesheet Timesheet have become a necessarily an important implementation  that each organisation should have. Organisation can loose [...]